Friday, March 1, 2013

Pet Arctic Wolves

Heyo guys! Saramo here. Happy Friday, aka the first day of March in 2013! Yay (: Hi March. Bye February. WELL since its the first of March the monthly member gift has been released. As you should know, this months gift is a pet Arctic Wolf Pup. 

So yah open the gift, and it brings you to customizing your pet. You have the option of two colors, then a selection of eyes, a certain type of hair, ears, and the choice of frost. Its basically sparkles :3  So for the action, as in when you click on them, a cartoon-ish house appears. 
Cute little house C; Then your pet blows on it, trying to blow it down. No success the first time.. They blow again.. and this happens. 
D: Poor 2-Dimensional house! Imagine what the 2-dimensional house owners are thinking! :3 I'm guessing this action was inspired by the infamous story, "The Three Little Pigs", as in the big bad wolf tries blowing their houses down. Since the Arctic Wolves are noticeably bigger than the regular wolves, implying big bad wolf. Bad since it technically isn't good to blow down houses.. Even if they are 2D.. xD Here's my member account's arctic wolf pet up close and personal (:  
Don't question the name. Embrace  it ^_^ I think they're really cute, but I'm seriously dying of boredom from these gifts. They used to be fun and creative. Seriously. Are they fun and creative now? Hmm, yeah, heck no.
Now onto the newest item in Jamaa.. 
Above is the newest Birthstone, the Aquamarine Birthstone. This birthstone is selling for the same amount of gems as the others, 1,500. This item can be found in Epic Wonders (obviously) in the den orb. *the blue one* The gold rectangle encasing it is a little out of place, but I still think its pretty cool. Mojo's birthday is this month, so this is her birthstone :3

Her birthday's on the 22nd of March ^_^ Mine's in August, so I'm a peridot.

AJHQ is also sending out this notification thing.. 
 Yesterday I forgot the action for dance, but you've probably already seen it anyways. 
You probably already know, but raccoons are mostly covered when in water, like in Mount Shiveer, Crystal Sands, anywhere with water. You can still see them if they're sitting though or doing another action. (depending on the action) Just wanted to point that out.

I'm seriously in
love with raccoons <3 They're so adorable, they could kill people with it. They are pretty short, or fun-sized xD This might be what gets me to get my membership back.. I really want a raccoon D: Oh well. That's all for today jammers! Oh yeah..

Here's my entry for " Jammer Said What?!",

Well enjoy your pets blowing over 2-dimensional houses and the new birthstones!


P.S. What do you think of the new banner for the blog? Please  COMMENT what you think! 


  1. i am getting a arctic this sunday! yay 4 me! i am keeping it white with a heart locket

    1. Cool :) I love arctic wolves <3 Sooo majestic and fluffy O_O/)

  2. U should make a music video with all or fans in it

  3. Also can u buddy me my user is lovelylittelgirl yes I know little is spelled wrong but that's it exactly like that thanks

  4. thanks im a huge fan of animaljam
    if you guys wanna buddy me you can elain02505

  5. my Birthday is on May, 28 & i was just wondering if you can do something special for me, i would love that :3

  6. I have been a fan of animaljam from the start! I love how they are making all these cool updates to it! if you wanna buddy me my username is: naturelover33600

  7. whats ur user i wanna buddy you


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